Put agility into your projects portfolio reviews

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The agile mode is generelizing and agile methods are growing fast. As a proof, even Leonce is using it daily for its projects portfolio reviews!

Among agility assets: reactivity, teams implication, users and user stories at the center of the approach. A motivating and readable project dynamic. Project Monitor and Perf Monitor software are based on these criteria. Simple, visual, communication tool, collaborative tool, easily adaptable, they are definitely agile. Project Monitor also enables you to integrate your own agile amthod and complete with:

  • Resources time follow up
  • Budget resources
  • Performance indicators

You will find key principles of agile method into our solutions:

  • Projects review animation tool
  • User story input and associated documentation
  • Sprints scheduling
  • Velocity follow up
  • Quick adaptation to parameters

Do your agile project review at the coffee machine or with our project review tools.

PS : The roadmap and development from VIRAGE offer is made through agile mode based on Project Monitor.