Back to school rhymes with budget

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With the end of the summer comes the preparation of the 2017 budget

Back to school is looming, the chestnut titles invade some of the newspapers, it’s the race in school supplies … And in the office, it’s time for budget preparation.

Inventory of renewed budgets, identification of needs, review of applications, evaluation of costs and benefits of projects.

Do you use Excel ? Why not switch to a project portfolio management tool ?

With the Project Monitor software you can :

  • enter the requests
  • schedule your financial needs over one or more fiscal years
  • define different investment scenario
  • establish a workflow between your project managers, your managers, your financial services
  • document, script different hypotheses, compile, validate, loop back as many times as necessary…
  • take back the operational elements in your preparation
  • link budget preparation, budget requests and budget execution

So many tools to avoid you to resort to more radical arbitration techniques :

Caricature made by Fix (Fix’s blog) at the PM Club 2016 during workshops on project arbitration.

 What if you put a project portfolio management tool in your 2017 budget?

Do not hesitate to contact us for establish a budget estimate necessary for the implementation of Project Monitor