D-30 before the 4L Project starts

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From February 16th to 26th the biggest European student adventure race takes place. This year VIRAGE participates by giving its supports to two teams:

  • Team 524: Victor and Elsa – the « Ostéos-Mécanos »
  • Team 264: Bastien and Antoine – the « Bird’s men »

They will only have at their disposal a map, a compass and their improvisation.


The 4L Trophy in figures:

  • 1st student adventure race from Europe
  • 10 days
  • 20 years of existence
  • 250 experts working during the race
  • 1200 teams
  • 6000 kilometers


Many steps, which are as many milestones from the project

Pre-project: prepare the race

  • 01/31/2016: first day to apply
  • 09/30/2016: creation from each team’s association
  • 12/05/2016: official implication
  • 12/31/2016: end of the sponsoring file
  • 02/01/2017: preparation of the racing car

Key steps of the road trip:

  • 02/16/2017: beginning of the adventure race (Biarritz)
  • 02/18/2017: reception and team talk at Algéciras (Spain)
  • From 02/18/2017 to 02/19/2017: crossing by boat through the Detroit of Gibraltar
  • From 02/19/2017 to 02/24/2017: 6 steps through the Great South of Morocco
  • 02/24/2017: End of the race at Marrakech
  • 02/25/2017: Price ceremony and closure party
  • 02/26/2017: Travel back to France


A collaborative and humanitarian event

For 20 years, the 4L Trophy race is working with the association “Enfants du Désert” (Children from the desert) and enables many actions. This collaboration allows the access school and furniture to many children. Each team is then asked to bring:

  • School furniture
  • Sport furniture
  • IT furniture
  • Medical furniture
  • Donation for schools’ construction
  • 10 kgs of nonperishable food


A mediatic event

This adventure race also has a big media impact, the event is followed on:

  • Radios
  • Newspapers
  • TV
  • Internet
  • The website from the 4L Trophy


Two sponsored team

  • The Bird’s men

Bastien and Antoine are the Bird’s men ! Best friends for years they are doing the race for the first time. This is their will for helping people and participate to this adventure that bring them in here.

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  • The Ostéo-Mécanos

This team is the couple Elsa and Victor, both in osteopathy school from Paris. They are ready to give a 100% of themselves in this adventure. Elsa, is anything but a beginner, as she already participates in 2013.



To both of you, enjoy your race !!