Boost your economic performance plan

Economic plan project management with Perf Monitor virage group

Performance plan : start using collaborative methods

Indeed, you can call for a strong executioner to help you speed up your economic performance plan. But you can also use less coercive approaches by promoting collaboration. This is our offer Perf Monitor positioning : enable manager to be performant, a tool box to lead the collaboration on action plans. This dynamic is the key to success as we can see through the case of ENGIE.

Perf Monitor is a complete software to lead your performance plans :

  • Define roadmap for your structure and all its components
  • Structure action plans to achieve goals
  • Give performance actors responsibilities
  • Create, validate and follow actions to achieve goals
  • Report in real time on realised actions
  • Lead a community of skills about performance
  • Follow in real time your performance through dashboards
  • Analyse the performance at every scale of your structure

Forget about coercion and strong executioner, start doing a collaborative performance management!