Project Management and PPM setup to your measurements

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Because each customer is unique, we make a configuration of the project management to your measurements. A suit too big for your projects and your driving becomes floating … A suit too small for your portfolio of projects and your driving loses in ambition. Each project management and action plan platform is adjusted to your measurements by the Service Management team of experts and thanks to the programming capabilities of our software. Give your project managers, your action plan pilots, a tailor-made manager’s suit.

Setting of the custom PPM software

Each project is unique, the context of your structure as well. Do you think that the ready-to-wear project management will live up to your stakes? And if you give your teams a “tailor-made” piloting platform? This is possible with the setting capabilities and expertise of our consultants.

With flexible software, with an interface calculated dynamically according to the needs of each one, we offer an adjusted management. And if “your measures” evolve, your project portfolio double or triple in size, new players join the process or new piloting issues appear, our software will accompany your changes:

  • activation of the driving themes
  • project template library for each job
  • customization of the application’s labels
  • customization to your graphic charter
  • rights management to offer the right features and only useful features
  • “Scalability” of the project base and action plan (from ten to several thousand)

Learn more about project portfolio management?

To know all about the key features of our bespoke application:  Ask us for a demonstration of the software

*Project Monitor : Project Portfolio Management Software (Project Portfolio Management)

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