In 2020, take the direction of simplicity

Oeil de Fix Gestion de projets

Fast time recording, smooth planning, the right resolution is to opt for a simple PPM * tool.

2019 the year of the new? Yes, and simplicity. Like Léonce take the right direction for your projects with Project Monitor software

To remedy this, choose our simple and customized Project Portfolio Management tool :

  • 360 ° and simple project management (planning, resource, budget, risk, time tracking, documentation, workflow, collaborative space, …)
  • Monitoring of your project portfolios (projects dashboard, demand management, budget preparation, portfolio review, multigantt …)
  • Configuration in detail according to the context (business process, project method, design, …)
  • SaaS or On-Premise plateform

Do like Strasbourg’s Eurométropole, or Plaine Commune and simply manage your project portfolio with Project Monitor software.

* PPM: Project Portfolio Management

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