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With version 6.0.6, VIRAGE improve the user experience on its SaaS/Cloud platform thanks to SAMLv2. This new service set up the principle of SSO on the VIRAGE private Cloud. Single Sign-On (SSO) enables to use different software and IT services by a single login.

This service, first only available for our On-Premise clients, is now also available on our SaaS platform.

You only need to connect your portfolio and action plan management platform to your Identity Provider to offer a unique user experience.


Principle of the Identity Provider

With the multiplication of services on the Cloud, a fluent user experience is a real brain-teaser which is facing the Identity Provider. Traditionally managed by both LDAP and SSO, the Identity Provider provide a similar service whether your IT system architecture is, On-Premise, Cloud or a mix of both.


The process is based on three components:

  • User support: session login
  • Identity provider: identity management and security parameters
  • Service provider: Cloud platform from VIRAGE offering portfolio and action plan management services


What is the Identity Provider?

It is a service which centralize identities management from a company or a structure. Most of the time externalized, it is a package that can also be integrated to your IT System. With this service, the user can activate different platforms with a single login. This login is generated with rules of ad-hoc security which guarantees a better protection of your information.

With this service, no more need to remember all your platforms passwords. You will save time and your password will be safer.


How does it work?

From your work support you activate your session through the Identity Provider (that can be made with all transparency from Project Monitor and Perf Monitor) and till your session is on for the Identity Provider, you can freely use your software. If you close your browser, and you relaunch the application, you do not need to sign-on again.


SSO on your SaaS platform

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