When a project becomes a Marathon

caricature marathon de Nantes

Marathon projects are not 42.195 km long, but 14 years and 8 months long – this one is the record registered into Project Monitor bases. It is hold by long and huge transportation infrastructures projects from Île-de-France.

For VIRAGE teams the marathon project will be 84.390 km long, with two teams doing the Marathon of Nantes. For months 8 runners who will carry the colors of the software Project Monitor and the software Perf Monitor, are getting ready!


Can our software Project Monitor manage marathon project?

The application Project Monitor enables to manage as well days’ projects as years’ projects. If IT projects can be settled up in a few months, the infrastructures, constructions, buildings projects are made through years.

Records are hold by big infrastructures projects. They develop for years. From preliminary studies, public study, pilot, commissioning and other reception, schedules are planned for years. We once heard someone said “The project manager who is launching the project never is the one who is closing it” during a client meeting.


What key functions from our offer?

  • Marathon project development into programs and their different project into sub-projects
  • Data capitalization and the ability to understand the past context thanks to a system of project base photograph
  • Responsibilities transfer to manage turn over from the project team
  • Budget management over years and budget set up functions
  • The ability to increase your project capacity thanks to great phase patterns. No need to integrate the reception phase to your planning when you are doing the pilot
  • Parameters flexibility, because todays’ monitoring rules will not be the same tomorrow, you will need to easily adjust parameters but still saving what is existing


If you want further information, do not hesitate to request a demo!


Gantt chart from VIRAGE Group marathon project

It is not a marathon project, it is the marathon project from the company. It is the fulfilment from one of our company good resolution for 2017: two VIRAGE Group teams at the beginning of Nantes’ Marathon. Each will carry the colors from our software:

Project Monitor team versus Perf Monitor team. Which one will be the first one?