Do you know the magic formula for your projects?

draw FIX magician project monitorum in front of harry potter

“Project Monitorum”: the magic solution for your projects?

What to do when the schedule of a project skids, when the deadlines are not respected, that the other projects wait for you at the turning of the milestone, when your Gantt turns to blinking red? We exclude non-constructive answers like panic, “I do not know”, “it’s not my fault but his own”, “I told you to do otherwise”. If you have wizarding blood, you can rely on the grimoire of “fantastic animals”. If you are, more likely, a “Muggle”, we have a magic solution : “Project Monitorum” !

The recipe for the magic formula of projects ?

“Project Monitorum” it’s our magic formula that you can concoct by mixing :

  • a PMO magician who will train and support his project leaders
  • a project management software with a gantt, a multigantt for an exhaustive view of dependencies
  • a cauldron of good practice modeled in the software
  • project portfolio governance bodies to make the necessary decisions

… and here are your projects and your project portfolio with a gantt that flashes green.

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