When projects review looks like an impossible mission

Portfolio review project management cup of coffee

This look like an exam topic: “Do me a synthesis from all 786 projects of the portfolio”, you have 4 hours…oh no wait, you only have 1 hour ! An impossible challenge that are regularly facing entities integrating project management.

And when we know that members of portfolio review are manager, each time saving is welcome !

VIRAGE, through its offer, gives the solution to this huge challenge :

  • Have real time information…When a project situation change, datas are directly updated on the dashboards
  • Find consolidation keys which enable to enter into project details when needed. Native consolidations from the application enable to easily analyze from different axes the portfolio.
  • Focus only on projects in need of decisions and where attendeeds really have a added value. Basic performance indicators, project weather, arbitration demands are all keys to focus on in need projects.
  • Not being passive in project review, but preparing before thanks to different states. The big states library can be sent by email which enable to come at the meeting with all the decision keys.

Ready to take up the challenge ?