The 6.0.6 and its new features spread out on SaaS platforms

version 6.0.6 Project Monitor

What are the main news of this version?

Reinforcement of integration capacities

We offer the possibility to set up an identity federation. This ID federation based on an identity provider, enables to implement services such as SSO ones for SaaS/Cloud architectures. The user experience is improved thanks to an access without authentication to software service, but still well secured.

Capacities from our Galilée add-on module “business intelligence” are reinforced. We also integrate the definition of perimeters and update, to the one of on-demand DataMart from functional administrators of the software.

Functions and capacities of import are enlarged. Project imports and budget synchronization now include budget planning to enable treated data valorization. Excel import allows a more fluent treatment.


Improvement of UX

Since the sixth version of the application, Project Monitor and Perf Monitor follow the ergonomic standards of “material design” from Google. All modules are concerned, especially the administrative one. Customize and set up were made without coding, optimization of the ergonomics makes it even more easy to use.


Information valorization

Project dashboards capacities are full of charts and KPIs. From homepage login, the software gives access to many charts to finely monitor projects. Portfolio dashboards also have these new options. And for office reporting, we fulfill the library with “three-colored” indicators which give a better view from the project situation. You simply make your own project cockpit.


How is this version spread out?

Every two month, we set up a new version for a regular optimization from our offer.

The new release from our 6.0.6 software offer is available since 9th of February 2017 on our SaaS platforms. Our cloud clients are always the first ones to beneficiate from news and out On Premise clients have access to source code during the following weeks. This week it is the database MS SQL technology. Next weeks it will be the SGBD, Oracle and PostGres ones.