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Timesheets, make simple a basic project management

timesheets - fix’s point of view

How much time does a resource spend on its projects ? Is his time tracking up to date ? Is his timesheet complete and without typing errors ? Can you realize the invoicing of the project times ? Choice n°1: The radical and caricatural approach to Fix’s point of view with a single line of activity tracking. Choice n°2: Realize time recording with project management software such as Project Monitor

Activity tracking is easy if you use a project management tool

The typical week of a member of a project team alternates the days dedicated to the project, the relationship with the internal and external customers, the service meetings, for the lucky ones a day off: as many activities that must be traced back to the resource manager via timesheets. The tools to achieve this activity report :

  • The first is “radically simple”: a single line called “Tricks of Work” completed by your project teams. Time analysis will be more than minimalist.
  • The second, Excel© files to collect timesheets. As many files, tabs as resources to compile by the PMO before being able to do a time analysis.
  • The third is to pass on our project management software Project Monitor. A tool with a time recording module to collect and analyze all the activities of your project teams (projects, service life, leave, training).

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