VIRAGE Group software users club is still growing

New clients VIRAGE Group

Recently, VIRAGE Group seduced and convinced about ten new clients, both in public and private sectors.

Which software? Project Monitor, Perf Monitor or both?

Several clients now manage their projects portfolio with Project Monitor. Among them:

  • Hospital Center Le Vinatier, Lyon
  • City of Saint-Nazaire
  • Angers University
  • Isère County Council (38)
  • City of Boulogne-Billancourt

One client is only using Perf Monitor in order to monitor its action plans more efficiently. And the city of Saint-Nazaire implemented both Perf Monitor and Project Monitor to do strategic monitoring and project management.

Which option did they choose?

VIRAGE Group offers to implement SaaS or On Premise options for both solution. Some clients decided to be on SaaS mode first, and potentially change for On Premise later. Some others have directly chosen one option between both of them. Historically SaaS option concerned more limited development. Now it applies to all kind of projects, including 1000 users situations.

What do they like into VIRAGE Group offers?

VIRAGE Group is a mix of simplicity, proximity and expertize. Since the beginning, the company keeps working in this way by putting the client in the heart of its interest.

With on-demand offers, clients are free to choose modules of the applications they need and also the way to use platforms (SaaS or On Premise).

Our new clients tell us they like:

  • The user-friendliness
  • The flexibility and easy configuration
  • The support from our consultant who well know projects management