Detailed follow-up of times and planned workloads from 300 resources at the ITSD

2000 projects and activities from the ITSD in one software

The IT System Department from Chronopost uses Project Monitor to follow all its activity:

  • More than 2300 projects, Tierce Maintenance Applicative, support follow-up and MCO
  • Approximately 300 internal and external resources
  • A PMO feature to follow in real-time and update projects and resources dashboards
  • A follow-up from demands

The planned workload leading the monitoring

Project Monitor brings:

  • An exhaustive vision of the activity
  • A timesheets platform for each projects teams members
  • A previsional planification of charges on all activities
  • A real-time consolidation of reporting datas for directors and managers


If you need further information on this topic, do not hesitate to ask for a demo !

Projects dashboard, including workload plans and time follow-up, are the basis from all projects decision at Chronopost.

Hugues de Maussion - Head of the Projects and IT Systems Innovation Departement