Côtes d’Armor County Council (22)

Project management for the ITSD from the Côtes d'Armor

The county of Côtes d’Armor, composed of 600 000 inhabitants, owns many issues concerning projects monitoring. Delphine COSTARD is presenting them in details.

Can you describe your organisation and issues?

The County Council of Côtes d’Armor is made of 3000 agents. Like every other county council, our principal issue is focused on social solidarity.

What is your job at the County Council and what is your daily use of Project Monitor?

I am responsible of a project managers team at the IT service. I use Projet Monitor both as project manager and as administrator. My missions are to manage my team, plan resources and analyse timesheets from all agents.

Since you are using the software Project Monitor, what have been the advantages?

After using it for only 6 months, we observed a real ROI. As an example, we can now analyse valorisation of past times from agents.It is easy to make a distinction between times past building a new project and past on application follow-up. This feature was our main demand to chose this software. (…)


You need further information? Feel free to ask for a demo !

Three words to sum up Project Monitor? Complete, evolutive and adjustable.

Delphine COSTARD, Responsible of Studies Service, ITSD -