Ille et Vilaine County Council (35)

The local authority uses Project Monitor for its IT projects management, monitoring from its printers and management of projects from urbanisation department.

Interview from David MERCIER, from the ITSD of Ille & Vilaine County Council

” The County Council from Ille & Vilaine is a structure made of 3200 permanent agents and 850 assistants. Such as other County Councils, we have many competences, essentially concerning social, with the social help to children, the MDPH for handicaped people and the help to old people.

We also have a component of our activity focused on roads and infrastructures, such as our department road and park (…)”


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3 words to sum up Project Monitor? Adaptability, reactivity and the power that the tool is the best one for all our projects

David MERCIER, ITSD Ille & Vilaine -