Macopharma decline its industrial strategy into projects and follow the projects portfolio by using Project Monitor

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Macopharma uses Project Monitor to manage industrial projects

Macopharma: first worldwide actor for drip, blood transfusion and biotherapy.

Macopharma conceive inovative solutions and quality products to answer needs of patients and retailers of health products. Each day, all around the world, Macopharma employees aim is to make easier and safer therapeutic processes.

Issues : equiped the monitoring process

Macopharma has developed a project monitoring process which cover both the project general frame follow-up and the operational animation of projects.

This transversal process concern many entity from the group and teams based in France and abroad (such as Poland). In total a hundred of actors are concerned by projects monitoring and leading. This process has first been imputed with an office software. This didn’t answer the needs of reactivity and transversality. That was also expensive in working times, and didn’t assure a perfect integrity of datas and was not helping the evolution of governance and uses.

Requirements specification : a collaborative and evolutive application

The application needs to give access to :

  • Head department strategic support
    • Focus on project management by strategy and risks decrease
    • Optimize allocated resources
    • Optimize visibility (QCD)
    • Take relevant decisions
  • Project managers technical support
    • Give access to planning and action plans follow-up tools
    • Make easier to obtain arbitration
    • Standardized documentation
    • Exchange of good practices between project managers
  • As needed to be largely spread, this solution:
    • Is easy to use
    • Adapt itself to Macopharma needs
    • Cover as well the high needs of monitoring than projects operational management

Solution: project monitoring software Project Monitor into SaaS mode

The set up from the application as been made through different steps. After one of configuration achieved jointly by Macopharma project teams and VIRAGE Group consultants, the application was available into SaaS mode.

First of all, the aim was to spread the application into the projects list and to focus the follow-up on delays.

Once the creation of this base, the fonctional perimeter spread:

The generated data corpus, then enhanced and shared through projects and dashboards.


If you want more information, feel free to request a demo !

Project Monitor brings us three essential components to improve our project management, which means planning, resources and budget management.

Christophe HUYGUES, Engineering Departement, Macopharma -