La Manche County Council (50)

Project managers reporting in real-time in the projects dashbord from the Managing Director of Services

Give the Managing Director of Services dashboard from strategical projects

The County Council of La Manche is composed of more than 2000 agents. To offer a better quality of services to inhabitants, administrative services are based on a largely decentralized organisation, especially in: social action, roads, public infrastructures, etc. In order to better deal with this issues, the County Council is using Project Monitor.

Can you describe your organisation and issues ?

The County Council of La Manche has many competences: roads, social sector, tourism and public infrastructures. The issue that brought us to use a software is the large amount of different sectors. Doing projects monitoring is very hard if you don’t have any tool centralized which enables to create different dashboards depending on subjects.

Since you are using Project Monitor, what have been the advantages to the County Council ?

Project Monitor enables us to have a look at our project in real-time, ranged by subject. We can easily generate synthetic dashboards and give them to decision makers. It is a simple way to (…)


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To sum up Project Monitor in three words, I would say: monitoring, simplicity and adaptability.

Isabelle MORIN, Internal consultant, Modernisation Department -