Plans structuration

Organize and structure your actions base. Plans, aims, directions, actions, projects, etc.

Organize your actions base

Classify, group, decline your actions into plans. Link your plans and actions to structure and share your actions dynamic.

Structure your action plans with different axes

In your action plans you can define axes and transitional levels of analysis.

Follow action and project on a unique platform

Use Perf Monitor with Project Monitor to combine projects management linked to action plans and follow-up from the performance of your action plans.

Action plans - Key function of your actions management

Actions plans are an structured actions. It is composed of:

  • Team members and a manager who monitor the animation and elements of the actions plan
  • Organization axes (geographic, organigram, strategical plan, etc.)
  • Indicators follow-up models

An action plan can also integrate projects for an operational follow-up of the action.

Plan digital perf monitor