Evaluation from public policies

From the setup to the evaluation of public policies

Decline public policies into action plans

It is hard for public structures to find the right tool to deal with this issue. This is why we offer Perf Monitor, which will help you finding the right structure for your action plan, available to every users. Every plan managers can administrate their own action plans and delegate responsibilities to their teams.

Simplify the data collect

Our solution, Perf Monitor, makes possible to facilitate the actions update, to contact again late input users, to program automatic call and to follow the progress of actions update.

Exploit data in real-time

After any action plan, a report is necessary to sum up the results. Perf Monitor is not only collecting and structuring results. Using our application you will be able to create a report which could be communicated to the executive management, presenting the results in a detailed or synthetic way.

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