Finance department

Monitor cost reduction plans by giving animation tools to your cost killer

Actions plans to generate money saving and performance

Assign goals and follow the results

To implement a performance plan you will need to assign goals clearly defined to each member of the team. Perf Monitor offers a roadmap which allow to define goals to each entity. Then you can fix goals by indicator or by indicator family, and to evaluate the performance by analyzing goals and results.

Delegate the action plan setup

With Perf Monitor you can decline a reduction plan into an action plan and to associate various indicators to those actions. You can delegate the management of this action plans to direction managers who will be able to create new actions, name news actions managers and deal with the visibility of their actions plan.

Follow your action plans in cost follow-up dashboards

Perf Monitor will allow you to generate, track and exploit information in order to make a summary to the executive management. Reports can be send by email to the concerned people or are available directly from the application. You can also define levels of confidentiality depending on the users type of account.

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