Schedules management / Gantt

Conceive, follow and update the schedule from your projects.

An interactive Gantt to follow misdemeanors

A real time misdemeanors monitoring

Project Monitor enables, for each task, to monitor the date (reference planned, initially planned or re-estimated). If a gap exists, it can be seen on the Gantt and if the misdemeanor is big it will wind up to the project cockpit.

Milestones for a simpler management

The milestone (often a deliverable) enables a simple monitoring from the project schedule and can be linked between them or different projects. Project Monitor makes possible to classify milestones, join documents, name a director, etc.

Alerts to respect the schedule

Project Monitor makes possible to keep under control the schedule by winding up the misdemeanors by email, in the home page or with ad-hoc monitoring screens. Those elements can be notified in average calendars such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

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