Projects cost forecast

Get precise analysis of your projects’ financial performance

Implement Rolling Forecasts and Budgets

Follow the expenses from all natures

Project Monitor enables to declare, for each project, a reference budget detailed by nature and by post. Our software also allows you to follow effective expenses and wind up alerts depending on configurable threshold.

Link project management and economical monitoring

Project Monitor allows you to follow the efficient expenses by direct record or by interfacing the solution with the principal tools of financial management. The data wind up in Project Monitor can be aggregated or detailed by financial piece.

Anticipate misdemeanors

In addition to realization monitoring, project manager can declare in Project Monitor a re-estimated or landing prevision of the project. Those previsions can be scheduled in time by exercise to contribute to the setup of the Long-term Investment Plan.

Create a strategic plan that meets your business’s financial goals

Monitoring your project budget is an important part of project planning. It includes quantitative cost and resource estimates over a defined period of time. There are various ways to get a precise project estimate. Here are some tips from Project Monitor to correctly evaluate your project costs between estimated costs and estimated profits.

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Programme director

Stick to the objectives linked to your project imperatives: costs within allocated budget, deadline, specifications and quality, ROI logic


Develop and manage the budget process, juggle financial data constantly to create investment value


Collect and combine progress data to feed dashboards and control budget tracking for projects

1. Define and plan expenditure and revenue forecasts by month/quarter/year or financial year


2. Use a simple dashboard to regulate your costs and investments and optimise your expenses, thereby improving project performance


3. Track your commitments, re-estimate budgets, view the remaining budgets and calculate your return on investment (ROI)

Flat design dashboard

They use Project Monitor to follow their project cost forecast

✔ View key figures in your budget data

All the budget data entered in a project can be consolidated at portfolio and project group level in table or chart reports.

Graphic globale vision in a dashboard

✔ Easily organise and collect your budget requests

Project Monitor enables you to make budget requests for a multi-year plan version with several hypotheses.

A validated request can be copied to the projects planned budgets. All budget data (requests, forecasts, commitments, mandates, etc.) can be consolidated for a set of projects (portfolio, programme, various groups, etc.) and can be displayed by month/quarter/year or financial year.

Request budget

✔ Prepare your project reviews and view spending for each project

A dashboard offers you a detailed look at each project to understand and analyse the projects underway.

This per-project analysis lets you highlight non-compliant budget situations and quickly identify problems in the current and forecast financial year.

Simply open up this project to understand the expenditure items included in this batch.

Budget review

✔ Get forecasts from your project managers on time

Project managers use the “Planned” feature to plan a budget for different financial years, batch by batch.

For each project, you can view tracking per batch, and for each batch you have details about each expenditure item.

Budget planning

✔ View the progress of your budget allowances

You can also manage multi-funded projects by managing budget allowances. One allowance can finance several projects, and one project can draw from several allowances. Reports show you the spending status of allowances. With Project Monitor, you can also create “snapshots” (reference of budget data for a given period) and log them.

Graphic consumption of budget envelopes