Deploy your project management method

Make your project methodology a daily tool by integrating it with a project management software

Méthodologie et gestion de projet prince2

Project models adapted to Prince2, PMI, Cycle V, Agile,...

Tooling to apply the project methods

Project management methods provide performance as long as they are effectively implemented on a daily basis. That your project approach relies on:

  • Market leaders such as PMI, Prince2, Scrum agile method
  • “waterfall”, “agile”, “Cycle V”, “stage gate” models, or normative as in the world of construction
  • A “home-made” approach combining specificities of your business and the best practices of the standards

It will be successfull if it is shared and appropriate by all actors. To facilitate this effective implementation, Project Monitor ensables a concrete implementation for your project managers.

logo PMI et Scrum et Prince2

A project methodology transposed through model, process and control

The implementation of the project methods relies on four key features from the software:

  • Project models that describe project structures templates with planning, checklist, typical load plan, typical financing plan, etc.
  • Workflows that can be used to model the key processes of your project methods: Go/No Go, milestone validation, key step validation, project review, etc.
  • Rights management that puts in charge all different actors of your project method
  • Control dashboards from the correct application of the project methodology

For example, the Prince2 project method has:

  • Automatically generated documentation from project templates and operational captures
  • A validation process from key milestones
  • An organization of responsibilities from all stakeholders
  • Follow-up report on the correct application of the method and its different requirements

Whatever the scale, we always apply the same principles (Prince2 repository), and the project structuring is always the same. This gives consistency to the data.

Mireille BUSSON - IT Projects and Applications Project Manager - Plaine Commune

Capitalize on your project methods

A methodology must be in a process of constant improvement. Adjustments on the methods are distributed automatically through the templates. Reports highlight points of application and appropriate elements. With Project Monitor, it is very simple to know how many projects actually apply the project review phase

Through collaborative features, users can exchange methods with the guarantor and suggest improvements.

Shared project method, translated specificity

Project Monitor enables you to define a common framework for project management and to complete the initial model, project by project, to meet specific needs. Thanks to this flexibility, the portfolio manager can maintain a standardized follow-up and the project teams can carry out a more detailed follow-up.

For PMOs in charge of the monitoring of the methods, dashboards make it possible to have a focus on key steps and then a better management of project, the approach by deliverable makes it possible to validate by the operation the validation of the key milestones, etc. To go further, the workflow makes it possible to industrialize the methodology processes.

Project Monitor helps you to...

Find the solution to accompany your projects on duration.

Simply manage the capacities of your resources to build load plans.

Collect budget requests, consolidate project requests, arbitrate and formalize the budget.

Identify candidate projects, analyze them according to different criteria, make decisions and communicate.