Prepare your annual budget

illustration préparer le budget avec virage

Prepare your annual budget with Project Monitor

Collect budget requests and arbitrate

Every year, at the end of summer, the annual budget process starts. To establish a reliable project budget, it is necessary to collect right information. Which can be complex because of the multitude of intermediaries.

To meet this need, Project Monitor enables you to create a new “budget plan”. This is the common framework in which each project manager will declare the requested budget for his project, by nature of expenditure.

Once requests have been issued, the manager can consult them in a dashboard and decide to consolidate them and validate or not the requests. If necessary a new version of the budget plan will be launched as part of a “budget shuttle”.

Pictogramme prepapration budgetaire

Validate the budget and make it available

At the end of the budget process, the latest version of the budget plan is validated. Each project manager is aware of the budget allocated to him for the following year. Budget monitoring can then begin!

Project Monitor helps you to...

Find the solution to accompany your projects on duration.

Simply manage the capacities of your resources to build load plans.

Put your PMI, Prince2, Agile, Scrum, Stage Gate, Cycle V, and other project methods into action.

Identify candidate projects, analyze them according to different criteria, make decisions and communicate.