Manage your project, from the request to the maintenance

Gestion de projet MCO project monitor

A software response at every stage of your IT department

The digital tendency multiplies the number of your IT projects?
Deadlines imposed by the trades are tightening? The alignment between strategy and IT master plan must adjust in real time? You migrate your applications in the cloud, but there are still infrastructure projects, security, workstation equipment …Give your IT Organisation a software to manage all these issues.

Project monitor accompanies you with the request to the MCO

From the idea of ​​the project to the MCO (Maintenance in Operational Condition), Project Monitor is the tool that accompanies you. It is a simple and comprehensive PPM management software that helps your governance at every step.

Simple but not “simplistic”, complete but not “complicated”!

Project Monitor is simple because we created the design of each screen by putting the project manager, the team member, the manager at the heart of our thoughts. Complete because portfolio management is not done with a “to-do-list”. It is a functional and technical “toolbox” that contains all key elements of project portfolio management.

Project Monitor helps you to...

Simply manage the capacities of your resources to build load plans.

Put your PMI, Prince2, Agile, Scrum, Stage Gate, Cycle V, and other project methods into action.

Collect budget requests, consolidate project requests, arbitrate and formalize the budget.

Identify candidate projects, analyze them according to different criteria, make decisions and communicate.