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Information Technology System Direction

A complete solution for the ITSD Project steering, support, OLS, IT director pattern, etc.

Monitor projects portfolios

Project Monitor enables a simple management from your IT projects portfolio through:

  • List of projects classified
  • Adaptation of the IT directive plan into a project
  • List of users demands
  • Use of your projects methods (Prince 2, PMI, contract monitoring, etc).
  • Strengthen project dashboard with different analysis views
  • Help to arbitrate with key of decisions and prepare the budget
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Simply manage projects

With Project Monitor creating a project only takes a few minutes thanks to models (from schedules, risk register, etc.) reachable for project managers at a specific space.

Project managers also access lead functions such as appointing the project team, manage documentation, input functions, validate report and making flash report.

Project Monitor simply makes possible to clearly and quickly see the progress of projects and to share this information collaborators.

Follow every resources

Used resources during your IT projects are numerous (internal resources, work control interlocutors, service providers, subcontractors, etc), as much as the different technologies and competencies in your information system (database expert, web developer, COBOL developer, network administrator, etc).

Project Monitor enables you to:

  • List resources and establish precisely their capacity
  • Establish competencies references
  • Analyze past times
  • Establish your provisional planned workload
  • Analyze great standard ratios “project”, “support” or “watch”
suivi des ressources - accompagnement - formation - gestion de projets - pilotage de plans d'action

Manage every activities from your ITSD

An IT direction manages projects and also assure other missions such as technical support, hotline, maintenance, etc. With Project Monitor you can follow your entire activities.

“The ratio project time/support is an indicator of key monitoring in an ITSD”

Point of view from an expert

Communicate with your clients

The ITSD is a support direction which give IT tools to the company. Interactions with internal or external “clients” is very important.

  • Mobilize work control
  • Communicate on project progress
  • Share priorities and roadmap from ITSD
  • Plan goals to projects arbitration

Project Monitor helps you to...