Your visual identity for your projects tool

Project Monitor enables you to add all your visual designs. It is really simple to do (no coding), you only need a simple configuration through your internet browser.

Adaptable wording to your function

Regardless of your job position, Project Monitor is suitable for it. You are holding all wordings from the platform, which enables you to transcribe all defined processes, and maybe already in Project Monitor. Like this you save time on tool appropriation from users.

Customize your software

The Project Monitor application enables you to easily integrate:

  • your visual identity (colors, logo, pictos)
  • your vocabulary (all wordings are multilingual and customizable)
  • your project methodologies (models project library)
  • your standard documents (standard specifications, monitoring comity model)
  • your projects forms (web, office and powerpoint model)

Those options are available without any coding action, only using parameters of your browser.

skin personnalisation Project Monitor