Data Warehouse module

By combining the Data Warehouse module with the PPM software application, your project decisions are given a data boost!

An ETL to synchronise your Data Warehouse with your PPM platform

Automatic extraction of project data

The data entered by your project teams (schedule, timesheet, flash reports) are extracted and enriched with context elements (project metadata, times, time-stamping, user). Extraction is planned or on request.

Transformation into decision-making data

The data is recompiled in an optimised format for the decision-making template. The data transformation automatically propagates the configuration changes (area for analysis, new project metadata, etc.).

Datamart feeding and synchronisation

The relational databases associated with the datamarts are synchronised with the project data updates.


Do you want to have information to help you make your project decisions? In addition to the library of 50 dashboard templates integrated into Project Monitor?

If so, the Data Warehouse module is made for you. It makes all the information on your Project Monitor platform available in a database optimised for your business intelligence tools (Power BI, QlikView, Business Objects, etc.).

With the Data Warehouse module, exploit 100% of the Project Monitor data. Give your managers and PMO a decision-making tool in which nothing escapes.

Why opt for the Data Warehouse module? 

“The analysis capacities are increased thanks to the Project Monitor Data Warehouse module. We have a comprehensive control centre for our project portfolio!”  



Specific decision-making tools in addition to the Project Monitor reports centre. Autonomy in advanced queries. 

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A comprehensive database that can be extended to other data in the information system to meet the specific needs of the portfolio project stakeholders. 

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Technical Administrator

An ETL which automates the extraction and conversion of the data from your project platform to feed and update the decision-making databases. 

De la feuille de temps de Project Monitor aux tableaux de bord Business Intelligence - Power BI - Tableau - Business Object

From the Project Monitor Timesheet to a Department’s Resource Dashboard

  1. Timesheet entry in Project Monitor by the project teams 
  1. Validation of the timesheet entries by the project managers and the PMO 
  1. Automatic synchronisation process of the Data Warehouse with the data 
  1. Injection of the data and calculation of the resources dashboards 
  1. Organisation and running of the management meeting… and decision-making to optimise resources management 

They use Project Monitor Data Warehouse 


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✔ Time saved in the production of the Project and Project Portfolio Dashboards

  • For report updates, crossed analyses and advanced analyses: no more need to extract raw data and compile data in the same dashboards each time. 
  • For changes of financial year/year: no more need to create the reports again. You can continue/improve/adapt the existing ones. 

✔ Reliability of the architecture

Once the technical architecture and the module are configured, everything is automated and secure. The relational databases are updated without any risk of a break in the system and data corruption. 

The key data of your project portfolio is no longer stored in exports in Office format but secured in your decision-making infrastructure. 

The decision-making tools enable the easy handling of large volumes of data for configurations with large databases and/or long data histories. 

FAQ – Data Warehouse 

How often is the data updated?

Data updates are planned once a day by default. Updates on requests can also be triggered from the Project Monitor administration panel. 

Can the datamart be used in SaaS mode? 

The Data Warehouse module is available for SaaS and On-Premises configurations. ETL feeds the data from a database stored in the Virage Group private cloud. 

What can I do if my decision-making data is deleted?

As the data is supplied and stored by Project Monitor, it will be restored and updated during the next synchronisation. 

What Business Intelligence tool can I use?

The Data Warehouse module is compatible with all the decision-making solutions using relational databases: Power BI, Tableau, QlikView, Business Objects, etc.