Dedicated project area

Do you need to centralise all the information for your project? With the dedicated Project Monitor project area, manage the schedule, costs, resources and risks simply and easily.

An area dedicated to your project management

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Centralise the project information

Navigating in the project area is simple and intuitive for your team. Access the main modules of your project management with the navigation bar designed to combine simplicity and efficiency.

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Organise your project

The project explorer, together with the project schedule, enables the project manager to switch simply and easily from a complete overview to a detailed view. The project manager can then analyse the budgets and resources using this project review tool.

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Monitor your project

The project indicators enable your project managers to consult the project management indicators in real-time. Your decisions are then powered by information that is key to effectively managing your project.

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360° management of your project

The dedicated Project Monitor project area enables you to: 

  • Monitor the project indicators 
  • View progress: workloads, budget, project weather status 
  • Generate your project monitoring report 
  • Establish a risks action plan 
  • Identify and anticipate potential drift in the project 
  • Update the project information 
  • Manage access to the key data for your project