Kanban table

The Project Monitor project management software enables visual, interactive project task management for one or several projects 

Picto Suivi avancement du projet

What tasks are in progress? Which ones are late? In just one click, display the tasks linked to the project status or warnings cockpit (storm, etc.) via the filters. Refine by the team member. 

Picto phases et jalons projets

Project Monitor enables you to class attributes by type and consolidates them in column headers in the table. The attribute corresponds to a cost estimate of the project and enables simple monitoring of the project (human/day spent, velocity, etc.) 

pitcto bibliotheque tableaux de bord

Project Monitor can be used to define templates when creating tasks to build on a common methodology within your teams. 

tableau kanban
  1. Have a single-project or multiple-project view, with visibility by priorities, team members, warning indicator (storm, etc.), or status (in progress, etc.) 
  1. Enable users to assign managers, and drag&drop the cards according to progress. Benefit from a view per employee to establish the “remaining work”. 
  1. Analyse the cost estimation per task, a consolidated numerical type attribute can be in the column headers in the table (velocity, time spent in human/days, etc.