Schedule management and Gantt Chart

Looking for an easier way to manage your project schedules? Look no further! Project Monitor has a schedule management tool that enables you to: manage the interactive Gantt chart, monitor task progress, meet key deadlines and juggle multiple projects.

View your deadlines and dependencies

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A real time misdemeanors monitoring

Project Monitor enables, for each task, to monitor the date (reference planned, initially planned or re-estimated). If a gap exists, it can be seen on the Gantt and if the misdemeanor is big it will wind up to the project cockpit.

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Milestones for a simpler management

The milestone (often a deliverable) enables a simple monitoring from the project schedule and can be linked between them or different projects. Project Monitor makes possible to classify milestones, join documents, name a director, etc.

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Alerts to respect the schedule

Project Monitor makes possible to keep under control the schedule by winding up the misdemeanors by email, in the home page or with ad-hoc monitoring screens. Those elements can be notified in average calendars such as Outlook or Google Calendar.

Effectively measure progress on your project

The Gantt chart is an interactive, graphic tool you can use to define and organise your project tasks. It enables optimal scheduling and communication about task progress. This easy-to-use tool lets you view project progress and delays at a glance. Your project team collaborates in real time to track and update project progress.

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Project manager

Optimised project planning in just one click, to initiate tasks and set milestones within deadlines

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An overall view of the portfolio schedule, indicating cadence for projects and monitoring key stages

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A comprehensive view of the portfolio structure, a better approach to what needs to be done, urgent tasks and possible delays on the basic schedule

Project Monitor features an optimised Gantt chart to help you plan projects

Project Monitor project portfolio management software offers an interactive online Gantt chart. The entire project team collaborates in real time to track and update project progress. Structure your project schedules easily with phases and milestones. The Gantt chart is a simple, interactive, comprehensive tool with a panel of features:

  • Intra-project links
  • Inter-project links
  • Colour-coded progress status
  • Managers for phases and milestones
  • Typology for phases and milestones
  • Status: late, completed, to be completed
  • Critical path
  • Project drift
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1. Initialise key project stages and deadlines using standard templates

2. Clearly identify dependencies between projects and their progress rate

3. Visualise and anticipate project drifts and compare the target and revised schedules with the click of a button

Get full control of project portfolio execution

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Portfolio timeline

View progress of each project, line by line. Get a clearer overview of project phase progress.

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Filter timeline by items

The Gantt view offers more details per project and enables you to filter items displayed by type of key deadline.

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Get key milestone review

You can also view completion of key milestones and verify that your project methodology is properly applied. You can quickly analyse project progress between forecast and achievement.

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Anticipate delays and reschedule projects automatically

Interactions between activities are modelled using intra- and inter-project dependencies. Need to move an activity? The Project Manager can opt to reschedule the project automatically while keeping control of their project schedule. The Project Manager can validate the warning and move the project if so desired. Dependencies can also be re-calculated with new durations by adding deadlines between tasks.

Check deadlines using the reference schedule

Compare target and project completion schedules with one click. You can quickly spot drifts between target and re-estimated schedules and observe the juxtaposition between planned and completed phases. View the difference between your forecasts and what was initially planned in number of days.

This dashboard indicates the status of your schedule management.

– overview of project milestone achievement

– planning cockpit = number of milestones achieved in number or percentage / objective

– target/done/max. delay

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Keep track of key milestones with the Gantt chart

Save time! The planning tool is the most effective way to identify the activities required to successfully complete all projects. The Gantt chart adds info to the key milestone review in real time. The key milestone review is a sortable list that presents online projects. Information can be personalised, such as project status and groups of attributes associated with budget, planning, resources, risks, indicators and income.

Work with team members to create a project outline

Delegate project planning blocks to other project managers. Synchronise project milestones with your personal calendar to receive reminders of milestone dates (interface compatibility with iCal: Outlook, Google Calendar, etc.). View related tasks easily by switching to a Kanban board.

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