Project Monitor: software to facilitate IT project management

Optimise and simplify the management of IT projects with a simple and tailor-made tool. Project Monitor allows you to control all the activity of the IT department – IT projects, business projects, MCO, cross-functional activities – on a unique platform. Creation and follow-up of IT requests, control of costs and deadlines, budgeting, project load and project dashboards; all becomes sasy with Project Monitor.

ITSD : Why choose Project Monitor for your project portfolio management software ?

The management of the activity of an IT Department is often complex: continuous flow of new requests from business, difficulty in monitoring the progress of projects, difficulty in maintaining realistic cost plans, lack of information sharing and common tools.

Project Monitor, a complete and collaborative project portfolio management solution provides answers to the following questions :

ITSD : How does Project Monitor help you to manage your IT project portfolio ?

Project Monitor has a full range of features to meet the challenges of IT project management

Decline your IT master plan into projects and have an exhaustive vision of your IT portfolio

Project Monitor allows you to create unlimited numbers of portfolios, giving a global view over the projects that compose them. Project dashboards provide a consolidated vision of your projects, giving higher levels of transparency and decision-making support

  • Resource load plan sorted by project, activity, support or OLS
  • Planning and budget preparation of your portfolio
  • Timesheets for individual monitoring of your resources
  • Implementation of a range of project methods (Prince 2, PMI, Contract follow-up, etc.)
  • And many others !

With our customised software, you can quickly and simply decline your IT master plan into projects, but also arbitrate incoming project requests.

You can now simply answer the following questions :

  • Which projects to launch? Which projects to close?
  • Which resource is available? Is overloaded?
  • Which project portfolio mobilises the most resources?
  • Where are the biggest slippages? The risks?
cio tool
cio dashboard

Pilot at a glance the progress of the projects

Thanks to Project Monitor’s multi-project dashboards that provide real-time information, conducting project reviews become simple, sharing information with operations and project teams.

Optimise the resource load plan

The resources mobilised on your IT projects are varied. You can allocate internal resources, service providers, subcontractors, GIE Informatique, etc. Then, every day you use different technologies in your information system and need to follow the available skills of your:

  • Database Experts
  • Web developers
  • SI Architects
  • COBOL developers
  • Network administrators
  • Software experts, themes (business intelligence, ERP, web, finance, CMMS, GIS, etc.)

On these points, Project Monitor assists you to:

  • List resources and identify their capacities
  • Establish skills benchmarks
  • Analyse time spent on each project
  • Establish your budget forecasts
project resource cio

Thanks to the follow-up of all the activities, we drastically improved the estimate of eadtimes on our projects.

Jean-Pierre Warion – Responsable ITSD – Würth

Plan costs simply and track actual expenses on your projects

The solution allows you to better manage your budgets. By regulating your expenses and investments in a simple dashboard you can optimize your expenses and thus improve the performance of your projects.

Project monitor offers project managers a simple and complete solution to facilitate their reporting

Project Monitor templates enable your project managers to create a project in minutes and access a space where they will find :

Project managers can also access management features:

Project Monitor provides transparent monitoring of projects, following the progress of projects and sharing information across team members and also with the General Management.

Share and communicate with the operations and end-users thanks to a user-friendly and collaborative solution

The ITSD is a support department that equips its structure with IT tools. Interactions with internal or external customers are essential for:

  • Mobilise the contracting authorities
  • Communicate on the progress of projects
  • Sharing priorities and ITSD roadmap
  • Objective project arbitration

Through a wide range of project dashboards, project summary sheets and reports, Project Monitor provides all the supports needed for optimal communication with the “clients” of your projects.

To facilitate change management, Project Monitor offers a simple and scalable tool with the possibility of implementing your project methods (Prince 2, PMI, contractual follow-up, etc.)

project portfolio management methodology
DSI Chronopost Hugues de Maussion

Find out how Project Monitor equips Chronopost’s DIPSI (Project Innovation and Information Systems Division).

Project Monitor helps you to…

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Find the solution to accompany your projects on duration.

photo préparer ensemble un budget dsi

Simply manage the capacities of your resources to build load plans.

photo équipe méthodologie gestion de projet

Put your PMI, Prince2, Agile, Scrum, Stage Gate, Cycle V, and other project methods into action.

photo préparer son budget

Collect budget requests, consolidate project requests, arbitrate and formalize the budget.

photo équipe autour d'un verre

Identify candidate projects, analyze them according to different criteria, make decisions and communicate.