PMO (Project Management Officer) : which tool to answer your

PMO, at the heart of the project approach, you are responsible for major missions: Facilitate the management of a project, equip your project management with the appropriate solution, make possible the management of a portfolio. Your position requires having a global vision of project management and relying on the teams of Project Managers to make visible the work of all. Put in place a relevant and adapted tool to encourage the support of all.

At the center of the teams, you must federate and encourage the support of all

Your position requires having a global vision of project management and relying on Project Manager teams to make visible the work of all.

Equip your project management with the right solution

A tool adapted to encourage the support of all :

  • Simple
  • Tailored
  • Adapted to your usual methods
  • Collaborative

Project Monitor, a tool dedicated to managing your portfolios

Project Monitor allows you to :

  • Deploy your project method
  • Perform the relevant analyzes in relation to the different profiles
  • Easily organize your project reviews
  • Put in a future plan of action
pmo project management office methodology
pmo project management office methodology

Deploy your project method

Homemade method, Prince2, PMBok, Agile (or no method yet), your issue of PMO is also to deploy common practices and methods between project managers.

For this you need to share document templates, sequence sequences, and other documents. With Project Monitor it is possible!

This complete software allows you to translate your methods into project templates (templates) and to create standard roles and teams. By making these elements available to project managers to create their new projects, you simplify their work and improve their practices.

For the most advanced, Prince2, PMI and Agile settings can be integrated directly into the solution and automatically generate the project documentation.

Analyse the update of your project follow-ups

As a PMO, you must ensure the regularity, quality and consistency of the information recorded. If necessary you can relaunch latecomers, and help those who need it, directly from the platform.

Project Monitor allows you to follow in real time the reporting of all projects, via multiproject dashboards, help you identify projects drifting, those to follow quickly react when needed.

No good portfolio management is possible without a regular update from the project information.

Pierre RIBET – SJA

Prepare project reviews

The project review allows to analyze a high amount of projects in a short amount of time. Two key factors of that success: updated data and well-formed participants.

Indeed, before the project review you need to be sure of the project monitoring quality and share the agenda with participants. In order of it you can use Project Monitor which offers multi-projects dashboards at office automation formats and numerous projects forms.

During the meeting, you need simple dashboards to lead the review and you need to register the decisions taken and inform as soon as possible the teams.

photo Plaine Commune zone industrielle Grand Paris

Find out why Plaine Commune relies on Project Monitor to deploy his Prince 2 method

Project Monitor helps you to…

photo ordinateur sur bureau

Find the solution to accompany your projects on duration.

photo préparer ensemble un budget dsi

Simply manage the capacities of your resources to build load plans.

photo équipe méthodologie gestion de projet

Put your PMI, Prince2, Agile, Scrum, Stage Gate, Cycle V, and other project methods into action.

photo préparer son budget

Collect budget requests, consolidate project requests, arbitrate and formalize the budget.

photo équipe autour d'un verre

Identify candidate projects, analyze them according to different criteria, make decisions and communicate.