Executive management

Obtain a synthetic vision on projects

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Synthetic vision on projects

Project Monitor offers customizable multi-projects dashboards which present information on projects, the weather and indicators from the project monitoring. This helps the Executive Management to have a synthetic vision of the project, and can easily take decisions.

Executive management comities of portfolio review are made now through Project Monitor. Decisions are consigned in real-time.

Arbitration and wind-up alters

You manage people and take important decisions on projects. In order of this you need objective and synthetic information plus the project manager opinion.

Project Monitor offers both factual indicators, cockpits and subjective indicators. Moreover you can access project forms, more detailed, in dashboards.

The global budget

Each project have a budget but the company also needs to manage its global budget: control the expenses in case of overspending or in reverse take advantage of opportunities linked to reports.

You need to declare and follow in real-time a global budget for an exercise. Project Monitor allows not only to manage the budget of each project but also to declare a global budget at the organization level, divided by entity.

Our software allows you to consult in real-time the consumed and what remain to be spent to easily take decisions.

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Project Monitor helps you to…

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Find the solution to accompany your projects on duration.

photo préparer ensemble un budget dsi

Simply manage the capacities of your resources to build load plans.

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Put your PMI, Prince2, Agile, Scrum, Stage Gate, Cycle V, and other project methods into action.

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Collect budget requests, consolidate project requests, arbitrate and formalize the budget.

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Identify candidate projects, analyze them according to different criteria, make decisions and communicate.