How to choose the right project manager? [Experts Looks]

We asked five project management experts to answer the following question: You will launch a project. In your opinion, what are the three questions to ask when choosing the right project manager? Discover their answers:


Roland Alech, Consultant and Trainer at MNM Consulting

From my point of view, the questions to ask yourself when choosing the right project manager are :

choose your project manager method

  1. Has he already carried out projects and is the complexity of the project in line with his experience ?
  2. is he curious and dynamic, will he bring his energy to the project to increase its chances of success?
  3. Does he understand and defend the result throughout the project forget the benefits expected?

In addition to these questions, one must also be sure that he or she knows his limits on the subject. In order to know what reinforcement in expertise the project will need. He must also know alert and report factual elements as well as solutions.


Adeline Mefferte, Consultant at VIRAGE

At a project launch, the designation of the project manager is a key step. There is not a single, ideal project manager to carry out the mission. But there may be people better able to lead one type of project than another. To facilitate this choice, have you asked yourself the following questions ?

  1. What are the interlocutors on the project? What is the project’s context ? A project requires the project manager: interpersonal skills, to be diplomatic and to identify the stakeholders and their expectations.
  2. What is the level of technicality of the project ? The project manager must have sufficient knowledge of the project to facilitate exchanges with experts.
  3. Is the proposed project manager available ? Does he have all the human, financial and organizational resources (decision-making power and load plan) to focus on the project ?


Franck Barbi, IS Steering and Coordination Manager for Strasbourg Eurométropole

To be efficient, a project manager must be chosen following these three questions :

  1. Is there enough knowledge / experience necessary of the theme around which he will work? This is to avoid being “out of step” with business expectations.
  2. Does he have the available capacity (d/h) in the allotted time (project planning) ? This is to be sure not to derive the project and also to obtain qualitative work.
  3. Does he have a adequate training to the typology of the project? V-cycle, Prince 2, PMI, Agile.

Obviously other parameters must also be taken into consideration. For example, motivation (an unmotivated project manager will not make a good project) and his experience compared to the complexity of the project. But we must also take into consideration « knowledge be » : diplomacy, stress management, leadership, communicating.


Tony Bocock, Independent Consultant in Purchasing and Outsourcing

For me, a good project manager must be able to answer these three questions :

choose a project manager the questions to ask

  1. Have we made it clear key features and required capabilities to carry out the project? Either the level of commitment, time to spend on the project (full time, part time)
  2. Among our reservoir of project managers, who owns these characteristics and qualities, and who has the availability level required ?
  3. Which of the possible appointments project manager will be the best decision for :
    • Ensure the success of the project
    • Win the membership of the members of the project team to constitute
    • Allow the appointed project manager to evolve in his career
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Vincent Didenot, Customer Excellence Manager at VIRAGE

To choose a project manager, I use the same questioning routine :

  1. What are qualities required for the project ? For this I use the ANGE grid (Animation Negotiation, Govern and Expertise) and ask me various questions on these four themes. This method then allows me to have a radar graph that gives me the robot portrait of the ideal project manager.
  2. Who are the best candidates ? For that I observe who among all the project managers has the skills and corresponds to my portrait-robot.
  3. Who is available ? Now I cross my list of candidate project managers with availabilities.

If no name ever comes out, I go back to step 2. I’m forbid myself however, default choice. I then begin to negotiate the project schedule, to align with the availability of the ideal project manager !

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Chef de projet méthode ANGE

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