Five W’s Projects Management Review

You know the famous method QQOQCP – What Who Where When How Why? And if you apply this method to the project review? To draw the typical robot portrait of a project review, we asked our customers what that driving moment looks like. Discover in infographic the result of this customer inquiry. At home, how is a project review going?

Five W's Projects Management Review - PPM

Portraits of your project reviews?

What are you talking about in project portfolio review?

This is the general review of projects that largely top the list of practices. No wonder Project Monitor gives a complete vision of projects. The more targeted themes of project reviews:

Who are the actors of the projects participating in the project reviews?

This is a more surprising result for two reasons. All project actors do not participate. Above all, the managers of project managers and those who are explicitly convened form the ranks of your project reviews. So you target the actors most likely to optimize these meetings that are “expensive” because of the profiles involved. Second point, the function of Project Manager Officer is not always represented. With Project Monitor we arrive at a self-animated device? Or more surely the key function of PMO is provided by the managers of the project managers?

Where to follow your project review?

Participants in project reviews are most often in the same meeting room. When the project teams are not all in the same place, some participants follow their review remotely (conference call) and screen sharing. The collaborative functions and the web mode of the application facilitating this remote mode.

When to organize project reviews?

Monthly project reviews are at the top of the list. When, we approach the more targeted topics like the reviews of strategic and budgetary projects the frequencies are rather in the quarter or semester. We invite you to check out this expert post on the frequency of project management instances.

How to monitor your project review with Project Monitor?

You can use Project Monitor to:

How many projects reviewed?

The average number of projects reviewed is 34 projects. It is an average that positions the issues well: spend enough time per project and have the ability to see all the projects on the agenda. If the meeting lasts a maximum of 2 hours, this makes a “credit time” per project of less than 4 minutes.

Why do project reviews?

The main objectives of the project review are:

  • Information sharing
  • Decision-making on projects
  • The decision to launch new projects (Go / No Go)

What are you talking about in your project review?

The topics reviewed in the project are:

  • Track the progress of your projects
  • Follow the actions to begin, in progress or to finish on the project
  • Exchange on the budget and the resources allocated to the different projects
  • Talk about the atmosphere in your projects

If you would like to know more about the contributions of Project Monitor to manage your project reviews, do not hesitate to ask us for a demo of the project management software and project portfolio – PPM.

We thank all of our clients who participated in this survey who are very informative about their practices.

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