Our approach

Setting up our monitoring software follow six steps:

  1. Collect
  2. Conceive
  3. Build
  4. Validate
  5. Train / Spread
  6. Guide
  7. Collect is

The approach from VIRAGE Group is simple and answer our needs

Virginie BARRET, PMO, Angefos PME


This step is to understand what your issues and will are through a documentary study, users workshop, etc.

revue de projet et gestion de projet


At that time, we will transcript your needs in the software and define its integration in your IT system (in On-Premise option). The software can be customized to perfectly cover your issues, if it is not already the case. We can also help you to define principles of your strategy and governance rules (before any installation).

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This step is simple, we will parameter the tool with you, we will present the result as a functional prototype, then you will manipulate the application to tell us what need to be changed. When you choose the On-Premise solution that is the step when the software is installed.

suivi des ressources et accompagnement


This is important to insure that the tool answer your expectations. You will have access to an environment to test the key functions and put in place your monitoring process.

échange validé

Train / Spread

Train you is making a transfer of competencies needed to well use, exploit and evolve the application. Our trainings are not simple acquisition of the application use, we also want to let users become operational on the entire monitoring process.

Virage Group is aggregated for training. We animate training sessions for our customers and partners.

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Guiding is secured by the transition from project to production phase.

After trainings, it is obvious to stay available for the users to adjust de functioning, remind the key points of the dispositive or help at the beginning.

This is also the time to improve your monitoring spectrum:

  • Integrate budget preparation
  • Precisely plan resources
  • Spread in new directions
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