On Premise

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If you choose the On-Premise solution, we realize an architecture folder, to assure you the best configuration with different options available.


Our software are compatible with Linux and Windows platforms but also with the SGBDs Microsoft SQL server, Oracle and PostGreSQL. Our software are using web server such as Apache, IIS and is compatible with https protocol.

Integration from the key component of IT system

Users’ management is facilitated through:

  • Synchronization from LDAP business directory
  • SSO (Single Sign-On) management

For an advanced integration many interface elements are available:

  • CMIS connectors for GED applications (Alfresco, SharePoint, etc.)
  • Budget interface for financial elements integration (Coriolis, Astre, Sage, etc.)
  • Datamart for advanced Business Intelligence functions
  • Webservices and API jobs


You can choose between different kinds of servers architecture:

  • Dedicated
  • Shared
  • Virtual
  • Clustered
serveur on premise