What is VIRAGE Group?

Independent software editor – Integrator of our solutions – Partner of the efficiency of your piloting – Always the start-up spirit after more than 15 years …

“The Virage team bring together professional involved and concerned by success of your projects. Virage is a company at human scale which involved itself closer from its customers for a relationship of proximity and conviviality.”

Frédéric Monomakhoff, president of VIRAGE Group.

An organization centered on customer satisfaction

VIRAGE bring together various competencies to give an expert answer to our customers’ issues:

  • A technical expertise in Research & Development of our software
  • An exploitation and integration know-how for SaaS and On-Premise solutions
  • A functional and job expertise
  • A pedagogical know-how
  • A software expertise to bring efficient and quick support
  • Communication competencies
consultant team virage group

Listen to our software users

The best testers from our software will always be our users. VIRAGE is really involved to its customers which allow us to see what is working and what is not.

The product Roadmap we share each year during the PM Club is produced in great majority by our customer return of experience.

VIRAGE Group bring regularly together its customers during users events and through its communitarian website (www.p-monitor.com).

Offer a blooming environment

VIRAGE Group gives each of its collaborators a work environment which allow them to fully satisfy themselves. Trainings, watch, work conditions, etc. Everything is made for employee satisfaction too.

blooming environement