Draw up specifications for your project portfolio management software

Practical info - PPM software specifications template

Download the software specifications in pdf

  • The main headings to describe your project portfolio management needs
  • Information to be given to the publisher to define the offer
  • Simple explanations for easy implementation

How do you write specifications for project portfolio management software?

The purpose of a specification is to formalize a need so that it is understood by all those involved in the project. It specifies the expected specifications. Give the context so that the editor understands your challenges in project portfolio management: Who are the users concerned? What are their business needs? What governance structure has been established around the projects? Then describe your needs in terms of priority functionalities for managing your project portfolio: resources, budget, schedule ...?

There are 3 main steps to take into account when specifying your project portfolio software:

  1. General context: deployment approach, demand drivers, key success factors expected from the solution
  2. Definition of the desired solution: portfolio management requirements, expected functionalities, scalability, integration and communication with the IS
  3. Expected services: launch and scoping, functional design phase, change management support, training, maintenance

Discover Project Monitor, project portfolio management software

What are the benefits of project portfolio management software? Feedback from our customers using Project Monitor :

  • Würth has reduced its project review times by a factor of 3
  • Haute-Savoie department saves one day a week on project management control
  • ITM LAI (Intermarché group) has reduced the overall duration of its logistics programs and projects by 30%.
  • Chronopost's DIPSI only launches (relevant) projects that it is capable of carrying out.