Projects Management and Actions Plans Monitoring software

Simple, complete and adaptable project management and action plan monitoring software

Projects portfolio / Actions plans
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Project Monitor

Projects management software

All key features from project portfolio management into one adaptable tool.

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Perf Monitor

Action plans monitoring

A complete platform to monitor your performances in action plans monitoring.

Perf Monitor was an extremely positive key factor and a real step forward into Lean 2018 plan extension.
At the managerial step, Project Monitor really helped us working on projects portfolio management with every departments concerned.
Projects dashboard, including workload plans and time follow-up, are the basis from all projects decision at Chronopost.

All features to well establish your monitoring

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SaaS or On Premise

Two kinds of integration are available, with both advantages. Choose the cloud or an on-site integration and let our team following you at every steps.

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Our process

Our multidisciplinary team is commited. We listen, guide you, wait for your validation and teach you how to use it. A customized answer which perfectly fits your needs.

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Customer excellence

Because you trust us, our team brings together many resources for you. Webinars, user events, technical support, etc. dedicated to our clients.

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As soon as we receive your request, our commercial team re-contact you quickly to plan a custom-made demo from our software offer.

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World Cup football or project management, team and collective play key factors of victory.

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Discover the customizable tool that meets all your building project management themes. From the preliminary project to the reception, Project Monitor accompanies you on a daily basis for successful projects without drifts.

Fix - sketching - PMO - PPM - project portfolio management

Not that easy when you are PMO to deal with all the topics related to projects. But Léonce is looking for help to better manage his project portfolio!

Project Manager - riddle - christmas

At the end of the year, project managers and PMO are facing many monitoring key points. But which ones ?

Economic plan - project management - monitoring - Perf Monitor - VIRAGE Group

In november, Fix is using great resources to help Léonce save money. Yet, Perf Monitor is the right answer to all his trouble!

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