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Projects portfolios management software: Project Monitor

PM, the solution for your projects management:

  • A simple web application
  • For your entire team (PMO, managers and directors)
  • Adapted to every domain (ISD, logistic, urbanization, organization, marketing, R&D, etc.)
  • With operational project methods (Prince 2, IMP, agile, milestones, etc.)
  • Integration of all your tools (office automation, DMS, budget management, LDAP, etc.)

Actions and performance plans management software: Perf Monitor

PeM, the solution to manage your actions and performance plans:

  • A unique platform to conceive, update and communicate your action plans
  • For your entire collaborators (directors, appraisers, managers)
  • An application for all kind of plans (performance, strategic, cost reduction plans, etc.)
  • A complete integration with Project Monitor and its functions (roadmap, indicators, KPI, etc.)

SaaS or On Premise ?

Our software are available through SaaS (using the cloud) or On-Premise (using your own information system).
Have confidence in us for the data hosting or to well integrate the software in your system.
You don’t know which solution to choose? We will guide you through some key questions.

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Virage news

With version 6.0.6, VIRAGE improve the user experience on its SaaS/Cloud platform thanks to SAMLv2. This new service set up the principle of SSO on the VIRAGE private Cloud. Single Sign-On (SSO) enables to use different software and IT services by a single login. This service, first only available for our On-Premise clients, is now…

What are the main news of this version? Reinforcement of integration capacities We offer the possibility to set up an identity federation. This ID federation based on an identity provider, enables to implement services such as SSO ones for SaaS/Cloud architectures. The user experience is improved thanks to an access without authentication to software service,…

Valentine’s Day is on 14th of February. What if you take advantage of this day to customize your application? Nothing is easier than designing your software (Project Monitor and Perf Monitor) thanks to HTML and CSS graphical templates. A simple task for an administrator with no need of programmation.   VIRAGE upgrades its design and colored…

A Fix’s point of view concerned by presidential elections At this time of election, we talk a lot about programs, quinquennat project, and candidates’ commitment. How does promises will become projects? What is programs coherence, their economic feasibility? With Project Monitor, do not miss a piece of promises which will make political campaigns of tomorrow.…

From February 16th to 26th the biggest European student adventure race takes place. This year VIRAGE participates by giving its supports to two teams: Team 524: Victor and Elsa – the « Ostéos-Mécanos » Team 264: Bastien and Antoine – the « Bird’s men » They will only have at their disposal a map, a compass and their improvisation.   The…

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