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Projects portfolios management software: Project Monitor

PM, the solution for your projects management:

  • A simple web application
  • For your entire team (PMO, managers and directors)
  • Adapted to every domain (ISD, logistic, urbanization, organization, marketing, R&D, etc.)
  • With operational project methods (Prince 2, IMP, agile, milestones, etc.)
  • Integration of all your tools (office automation, DMS, budget management, LDAP, etc.)

Actions and performance plans management software: Perf Monitor

PeM, the solution to manage your actions and performance plans:

  • A unique platform to conceive, update and communicate your action plans
  • For your entire collaborators (directors, appraisers, managers)
  • An application for all kind of plans (performance, strategic, cost reduction plans, etc.)
  • A complete integration with Project Monitor and its functions (roadmap, indicators, KPI, etc.)
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SaaS or On Premise ?

Our software are available through SaaS (using the cloud) or On-Premise (using your own information system).
Have confidence in us for the data hosting or to well integrate the software in your system.
You don’t know which solution to choose? We will guide you through some key questions.

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Prochains webinars animés par Virage

Friday 22 September 2017 à 13h45

Découvrez la version 6.1.2 de nos logiciels (22.09.17)

Webinar pour découvrir la version 6.1.2 de nos logiciels vendredi 22 septembre à 13h45 - Gratuit
Tuesday 26 September 2017 à 14h00

Portefeuille projets - Pourquoi plus de 50 DSI ont choisi le logiciel Project Monitor ?(26.09.17)

Pourquoi plus de 50 DSI ont choisi le logiciel Project Monitor ? - Mardi 26 septembre à 14h - Gratuit
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Bank holidays, time off, diversified calendar… it is a very complicated period for resources managers, planned workload set up and project staffing.   Poor Léonce is struggling to plan its project resources this month. It is not easy to know who is assigned… unless you start using Project Monitor as a solution.   How to…

Marathon projects are not 42.195 km long, but 14 years and 8 months long – this one is the record registered into Project Monitor bases. It is hold by long and huge transportation infrastructures projects from Île-de-France. For VIRAGE teams the marathon project will be 84.390 km long, with two teams doing the Marathon of…

Recently, VIRAGE Group seduced and convinced about ten new clients, both in public and private sectors. Which software? Project Monitor, Perf Monitor or both? Several clients now manage their projects portfolio with Project Monitor. Among them: Hospital Center Le Vinatier, Lyon SEMIPER City of Saint-Nazaire Angers University Isère County Council (38) City of Boulogne-Billancourt One…

Main evolution of version 6.1 : the new "project space" and new "action space". Easier navigation, cockpit new option, easier and quicker to collect information, it an all brand new experience for project managers and action managers. Appointment is given April 7th on our private cloud to discover the new version of Project Monitor and…

With version 6.0.6, VIRAGE improve the user experience on its SaaS/Cloud platform thanks to SAMLv2. This new service set up the principle of SSO on the VIRAGE private Cloud. Single Sign-On (SSO) enables to use different software and IT services by a single login. This service, first only available for our On-Premise clients, is now…

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