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What is your biggest stumbling block?

The execution of corporate strategy or the management of project portfolios ?

Implementing corporate strategy

Strategic Execution Management (SEM)

Is your company's strategy affected by any of these seven challenges?

  1. Translating strategic objectives into action plans
  2. Implementing your strategic plans on a large scale
  3. Rapid collection of data
  4. Facilitating managerial dialogue
  5. Managing your steering committees
  6. Securing key data of your strategy
  7. Communicating strategy progress

Project portfolio management

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Are your organization's projects facing any of these 7 challenges ?

  1. <span>Choosing the right projects, aligning your portfolio with your objectives and capacity</span>
  2. Planning your teams' work and avoiding overloads
  3. Optimizing your financial allocations
  4. Collecting key data
  5. Leading your project reviews
  6. Informing your decision-making and reporting
  7. Harmonizing your project methodologies

Accelerate and secure strategy execution with Perf Monitor


Software for managing strategic plans

Take back control of your projects with Project Monitor


Project portfolio management software

They trust us

Kuhn - ppm CIO group
Alptis - Group Strategic Portfolio Management
CHRU Nancy - PMO GHT Projects
Eurométropole de Strasbourg - project portfolio management CIO
Inextenso group digital project portfolio management

Tangible results, rapid progress, shared best practices

Within 1 month of setup, 300 users from 6 Business Units started entering their time into Project Monitor.
After this "commando" mode phase, we gradually moved on to a complete management of the project portfolio.

Project Manager Officer

With Perf Monitor, we collect and validate, every quarter, the reporting of more than 3,000 actions. These data form the basis of communications to the financial markets about the progress of the €600 million performance plan over three years.  

Chief Group Performance Director

We execute our logistics projects with three times fewer resources than our competitors.
We have achieved this result by streamlining our project methods and managing our projects with Project Monitor.

Stéphane Gravit
Resp. Logistics Development - Projects
ITM LAI - Groupement Intermarché

With the consultants from Virage and the shared experiences from the Eurométropole de Strasbourg, , we quickly found our way in Project Monitor. As a result, in ten times less time than predicted by an integrator, we had an operational PPM platform.

Corporate IT - Deputy CIO

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What our customers observe after implementing our management solutions...

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Time saved on reporting is 25%.
Automatic generation of presentation materials.

HDS Habitat testimonial →


The project portfolio is an "open book".
Stakeholders make decisions collectively and transparently.

Chronopost's Innovation, Projects and IS Department →


Project arbitration is no longer based on "decibels".
Choices are made by combining a strategic perspective with the ability to "make" and "invest".

Feedback from Kuhn →

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Governance bodies last up to 3 times less time.
Decision records are noted and distributed during the meeting.

Immersed in a WÜRTH → portfolio review


Managers have an exhaustive 360° view of the portfolio and its actions.
Data is updated in real time, so there's no need to race for information to make decisions.

When Strasbourg's Eurometropole puts projects at the heart →


No more project management control in Excel files, everything is done within the application. One day a week freed up for financial analysis.

Discover how Savoie manages its projects →

The three pillars of VIRAGE Group's offering to advance your management:

custom software

Management solutions tailored to your needs

Your practices, professions, and challenges, once combined, create unique management issues. Therefore, to construct the best response, our solutions are designed to be fully customizable and integrable into your information system.

And since our credo is to help you progress, it will be easy to upgrade your platform's configuration.



Build and run services

Our VPM methods for Project Monitor and DREAM for PERF Monitor guide the process from your expectations to deployment to users. Our multidisciplinary team commits, guides you, configures the solution, integrates it into your Information System, and trains your teams.

Once up and running, our customer satisfaction and support teams will help you get the most out of your management platform.



A community of customers and experts for continuous improvement

Becoming a client of VIRAGE Group means not only integrating software into your management system, but also joining a community. You gain access to a portal with a multitude of resources useful for advancing your practices. You are invited to online conferences and product masterclasses. And each year, we bring together clients and partners for the VIRAGE Days to share and benefit from the community's best practices.


Turn your projects into successes and your strategic plans into reality

Discover our resources

The latest online resources to advance your thinking on project and strategy management.

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