Project portfolio management: How to choose the right software?

The aim of this methodological guide is to help you select the software publisher who will implement a project portfolio tool within your company.

A 3-step guide to choosing the right PPM platform for project managers, PMOs, managers, CIO.

Identify your challenges - a questioning guide to list the key faculties for the success of your projects!

Align challenges and functionalities - a practical sheet listing the functionalities expected of PPM software - and how to "stage" them.

A guide to drawing up specifications in order to select the best software offer - but not only that... services are essential.

Align strategy and execution

within your project portfolios thanks to a PPM tool


How do you find the right collaborative tool to manage a large portfolio of projects?

To do this, take stock of the challenges encountered in your company, whether in terms of project request management, risk management, budget management or resource management. The ppm tool is a response to business needs and must facilitate decision-making at project governance level.

This guide will help you to identify the functionalities required from a PPM software package, and then define the specifications to find the right software publisher.

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