Why manage your project portfolio with Project Monitor ?

Project portfolio management software, published by VIRAGE Group

A complete overview of your projects: schedule budget, resources, risk, time spent.

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  • Do you dream of a comprehensive overview of your project portfolio?
  • Know who's working on which project?
  • Put an end to "you'll find the time!" by answering objectively "according to the workload...".
  • Moving from promises to accelerate product design and time-to-market to operational reality?

You've explored dozens of web pages talking about project management, project portfolio management, steering... Google has taken you from software to software. There's no shortage of functionalities: Gantt, resource management, budget management, risk management, time tracking, capacity schedule, forum animation, ...

All of which opens up great prospects. The relevance of a Project Portfolio Management solution for your company is proven.

Now it's not easy to decide which software to use.

So, is it just a choice of software or do you need a complete package?

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"Yes, but which software should I choose?"

You've come to the right place!

Here's what you need to make your choice. A compilation of our convictions and our customers' motivations.

Why did they choose Project Monitor ?

And why, years after their choice, do they continue to manage their projects with Project Monitor ?

8 reasons why +250 customers have joined us :

  1. Functional scalability : targeted, progressive activation of application features
  2. Business experience : 20 years of project support
  3. Customer community a network and shared knowledge built around project management
  4. Easy adoption: take control of your projects and your project platform
  5. Information system integration  link the software to your IT system with ease via libraries of native connectors and webservices
  6. Simple, elegant designyour project platform doesn’t have to be an eyesore!
  7. Ultra-competitive TCO : a price without unpleasant surprises
  8. Consultancy DNA: support for bespoke implementation

We tell you a little more...

1. Scalability: targeted, gradual activation of functionalities

With the cloud, there's a lot of talk about technical scalability. The ability to scale infrastructure as needs change.

Project Monitor uses the same principle for its functionalities! The richness of the application is à la carte.

Here is an example of a deployment you could carry out in just a few steps:

Project Monitor lets you do all this, step by step. Gradual and/or targeted activation of the application's functions. Gently guided by our Service teams.

And what if we told you that the project platform could easily be deployed in other departments, for other professions?

We're betting that the project sheets generated since Project Monitor and presented to the steering committee will inspire other departments!

And your finance department will be delighted to use the software, since budget management is an essential key to the project portfolio.

2. Business experience: 20 years of project support

Project Monitoris the fruit of over 20 years of working with people who make projects happen. And if you count in people rather than years, that's over 50,000 professionals who challenge us every day. Of course, the direct players: project managers, project teams, PMOs, consultants and experts. But also project owners, CIO and all professionals who make project mode the keystone of their management.

It is with them that Virage has accumulated experience over the past 20 years to build on:

  • Technological experience: if Project Monitor was natively designed for the web, consider that smartphones didn't exist when it was launched. We're constantly working to make our solution faster, safer and more innovative.
  • Experienced practices: in the early days, collaborative practices were in their infancy, and agility was a pioneering activity. The methods are now tried and tested, and extended by features such as Kanban and portfolio slideshows.
  • From operational experience, more than 50,000 users who, on a daily basis, move their projects forward with Project Monitor. Listening to them guides and inspires us every day.
  • Customer experience: with over 250 corporate customers, this means a wide range of contexts and challenges. And not just when we set up Project Monitor, but also when we support our customers over the long term. Because our customers expect more than software: they expect an answer to their challenges management questions. One response to "How can we...". Support in converting a functional opportunity into a performance X factor for their projects. And we want you to join our users' club to continue this mutual enrichment.
20 years of project support

3. Community of over 250 customers: sharing project management knowledge

Project Monitor is adaptable to all sectors, all professions and all sizes... as long as you have dozens of projects to manage.

It's not us who say so, but our customer portfolio.

Our 250 references include manufacturers, logisticians, metropolises, service companies, pharmaceutical laboratories, energy companies, agro-industrialists, property developers, ministries, banks, insurance companies, hospitals, NGOs, major fashion and retail chains, SMEs, ETIs, local authorities, major groups, etc.

Behind all this is a list of more than 25 different business sectors, all with one thing in common: a portfolio of projects to manage!

Our annual PM Club user club, case studies, webinars and masterclasses are just some of the ways in which we share our experience. Our customers share their best practices with you, both on the methodological side and on the "practical" side of the tool. This year, for example, we heard from Alptis Assurance, the Département de l'Ille et Vilaine and group Vyv. For us, listening and proximity are important values, and we are keen to interact with our customers to improve our solution.

4. Easy to use: take control of your projects and your project platform

Worried that application sophistication means administrative complexity? Don't panic! With Project Monitor you're autonomous, and can manage your project portfolio without a single line of code. For example, you can simply :

At last, you're doing away with the time lag between the need for change and its implementation!

5. Information system integration: easily link the software to your information system thanks to libraries of webservices and native connectors.

Would you like the software to be linked with other digital services in your information system to give you a 360° view?

All this is made possible by Project Monitor's libraries of native webservices and connectors.

Project portfolio management is at the crossroads of many themes and challenges :

This is made possible by our ETL and datamart, which makes all your data available for advanced analysis and dashboard enrichment. This list is not exhaustive, and any integration is possible. Bonus: Project Monitor also features an interface with Zapier.

6. Simple, clean design: your project platform won't be a gas factory!

Of course, the richness of its functions is a guarantee of industrializing your governance processes.

Provided the platform is used, and not just by the administrator.

It's precisely to ensure that Project Monitor is used by all your project stakeholders that we take great care over its design and interface.

We've kept the design simple, so that efficiency isn't drowned out by potential. Need quick access to one of hundreds of projects? The project search function is central and always accessible from anywhere. And the search starts as soon as you enter the first few letters.

Dynamic design makes it possible to target uses. The only reporting you ask your project teams to do is time tracking? Then there's no need to overload their menus with financial functions that will be reserved for management controllers! The interface can be customized according to profile.

7. A price with no (nasty) surprises, an ultra-competitive TCO

It's not the number of projects that makes the price, but the people who make the projects!

From 1 to 10,000 projects, it's the same price. If you want to make every line on your To Do List a project in its own right, it's the same price. Of course, you can group your entire portfolio into a single project (true situation, where all the projects of a CIO were tracked in a single Microsoft Project file). But is this the right way to manage your portfolio?

The more users, the cheaper it is, and for viewers it's even free!

Our prices are "all-inclusive": license, maintenance AND new version, whether minor or major! And the price also includes support and all the great resources of customer excellence (knowledge center, product webinars, master classes, user club, etc.).

All inclusive

Licenses are an important component of the price... but far from the only one. Yes... the training of your staff, version upgrades, on-boarding during team turnovers, parameter upgrades... The Project Monitor application and our intervention philosophy are designed to give you maximum autonomy. You don't need us to upgrade the features of your platform. Afterwards, if you wish to delegate functional administration to us, we can offer you a range of services to keep you focused solely on your projects.

8. ADN conseil: tailor-made implementation support

The story of VIRAGE didn't start with software. Virage Group was originally a project management consultancy.

It all started with consulting assignments for managers in charge of dozens of projects. And a major management challenge: how do you make the right decisions when the sheer number of projects means you can't get to know each one intimately?

The software response was not suitable... So we developed it.

The beginning of the Project Monitor story is :

"Once upon a time, there was a manager without a cockpit to steer his project portfolio... Lacking a tool to inform his decisions, VIRAGE decided to provide him with one by designing a project management software: Project Monitor."

But we've never forgotten our origins!

We always have consultants - PMI or Prince2 certified - on hand to support you. We don't just provide you with a toolbox full of features. Our experts guide, assist and train your teams to transform this toolbox into a steering platform for the success of your projects.

Your challenges businesses are not those of others... We don't believe in ready-to-run solutions. We adapt the Project Monitor platform to your projects (and not the other way around).

Don't wait, schedule a personalized demonstration of our Project Monitor project portfolio management software today.

Discover the software's features through a personalized live demonstration with one of our experts.

    Insights from our project experts on your challenges

    Key points of possible functionalities

    Customized settings and concrete examples based on your objectives

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