Function category: Administration

Synchronise your budgets, resources, revenus or GED (Galilée).

To insure that all users share the same point of view on projects, it is possible to choose standard displays. Inform all users is possible thanks to the messages platform. And because data security of your project is very important for us you will have the control on parameters concerning recognition.

Administrate in detail licences used on your platform, all your users and their authorizations from the users list. Adjust roles and perimeters one company change after another by modelizing your organization through referential and by creating representative roles from your different users.

Status allow you to monitor the activity from your platform (you can determine your activity increase and setup needed action plans). The administration tool enables you to add, see demands and their progress in real time, but also to resolve conflicts on your platform. Their is also a need of historic on the platform (which enable to filter all actions by type, users, date).

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