Function category: Budget

Project Monitor is made of API allowing to synchronize the budget execution with financial systems. Project Monitor is compatible with the main softwares (Sage, Coriolis, Grand Angle, Sedit, etc).

The application makes possible to realize the budget scheduling from your projects and activities. The scheduling is made at different periods of time (monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc). Project Monitor offers advanced functions of scheduling.

The application enables to integrate different monitoring typologies “general accountability”, “analytic accountability”. You can follow as well public budgets (allocation, committed, etc) than private budgets (opex, capex, etc). Project Monitor enables you to put in place different monitoring categories.

The application report library offers various restitutions from budget themes. The reports can be specifics to budget monitoring or mix the thematics (resource, progress, etc). Reports can mix budget execution, the operational prevision and the budget scheduling.

Enhance the imputed times in financial valor. Define a cost price for your resources (internal or external). Re-enhance monthly the production costs. Integrate automatically the imputations in your financial monitoring.


Follow your work and investment budget to anticipate misdemeanor.