• Advanced right management
  • Plans structuration
  • Indicators management
  • Evaluation campaign
  • Team animation
  • Roadmap

A right management in details to define all users profiles which enables to compart accesses to the project base.

Plan digital perf monitor

Structure and organize all your action plans on a unique platform.

gestion indicateur perf monitor

Collect, strenghten and restitution of Perf Monitor indicators functions, in order to analyze performance of your plans.

Évaluation des indicateurs avec perf monitor

Information collecte function thanks to contributors and update follow-up.

Animation des équipes projets avec projet monitor

Documentary, emailing, reminder, sharing collaborative functions, in order to animate and communicate with teas from all your action plans.

Feuille de route et plan économie

Give a direction to your action plasn with roadmaps.

Key functions of Perf Monitor - logiciel de pilotage stratégique et opérationnel


Action plan