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Key functions of Perf Monitor

  • Advanced right management
  • Plans structuration
  • Indicators management
  • Evaluation campaign
  • Team animation
  • Roadmap

A right management in details to define all users profiles which enables to compart accesses to the project base.

Plan Action - structuration - plan digital - perf monitor - pilotage de plans d'actions

Structure and organize all your action plans on a unique platform.

gestion indicateur - kpi - perf monitor - performance - pilotage de plans d'action

Collect, strenghten and restitution of Perf Monitor indicators functions, in order to analyze performance of your plans.

Fonction campagne - évaluation - indicateurs validés - perf monitor - performance

Information collecte function thanks to contributors and update follow-up.

Animation - équipes projet - équipes actions - ressources - perf monitor -performance

Documentary, emailing, reminder, sharing collaborative functions, in order to animate and communicate with teas from all your action plans.

Feuille de route - exemple objectif - plan economie - project monitor - gestion de projets

Give a direction to your action plasn with roadmaps.

Key functions of Perf Monitor


Action plan