Strategic management software

Perf Monitor,  The SaaS which connects your strategy to the IS

Strategic enterprise management (SEM) systems attempt to bridge the gap between strategy and operations. Strategic Enterprise Management software enable organizations to define and manage strategic objectives, execute strategic initiatives, track key metrics, and monitor the overall business strategy.

Human resources have their HR IS, Finance has its accounting IS, Sales has a CRM, Business has its ERP…
What about your General Management? With which software does it animate the strategy execution?

If the answer is Excel files ©…
Then you have an enormous performance lever to accelerate the implementation of the strategy!

Logo Perf Monitor solution de pilotage de plan stratégique

Perf Monitor, the shortest path between Strategic Plan and Strategic Execution

Perf Monitor aligns your action plans with your strategic objectives.
Model plans, assign goals, create and track performance indicators, hold accountable, animate and secure

Step up to the next level for your: 

  • Performance Plan: set objectives, deploy your actions, measure actual gains, anticipate results, and compare performance levers.
  • Strategic Plan: convert the vision into action, deploy the ambition in your organisation, and measure the achievement of your intermediate and final objectives.
  • Transformation Plan: move from the ambition of change to the transformation of practices to address societal and environmental issues

Choose a solution dedicated to the Execution of your Strategy

Your strategy deserves better than Excel.

Managing multi-million euro performance plans or transformation plans involving thousands of employees with a spreadsheet… is a solution that can be very expensive. Very expensive in time spent but especially in data quality.
This is probably the case for your files that describe and collect information from your strategic plans…
 … and yet you make critical decisions based on this data!

We have designed and designated Perf Monitor to:

Selecting Perf Monitor means choosing a flexible and scalable solution:

Perf Monitor is not just software, it is also a whole range of services:

+250 organisations and +50,000 users trust us with their projects and strategic plans

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Alptis - Group Strategic Portfolio Monitoring logo
Ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé Strategic monitoring logo
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Métropole Nantes public office project management

Keeping a strategic focus on performance…

Setting goals is good, achieving them is better. Perf Monitor is a complete SaaS platform to speed up and secure the execution of your strategy. Mobilise all the actors involved in the execution of your strategy around your objectives and monitor the progress of your action plans.

Strategic management avoid blind spots

Remove blind spots of your strategy

A pilot has to cope with blind spots to make crucial decisions: accelerate, brake, turn left or right…

To reduce risks, the most efficient vehicles are equipped with devices that increase information: wide-angle mirrors, cameras, reverse radar, GPS, etc.

How do you reduce uncertainty to drive your strategy?

Do you have all the critical information? Do your decision support tools have blind spots?

It is to reduce the uncertainty of your decisions that Perf Monitor allows you to:

  • Share your organisation’s chosen itinerary
  • Give all stakeholders their detailed roadmap
  • Collect key information that is most often in the blind spots of your Information System
  • Secure your piloting by transforming yourself into “increased decision-makers”

The days of seat-based piloting are over.
Plans must be managed in a decentralized and networked manner!

Didier Liautaud - Head of Performance
Didier Liautaud
Group Performance Assistant Director at ENGIE

A Management platform for your Strategic Plans for…



The executive committee controls the strategy thanks to detailed, reliable knowledge and real-time of its execution.

performance department

Performance Department

Deploy and drive your performance plans across all entities in your organisation. Collaborate around the objectives and achievements.

e-pmo and smo


Link the strategy to its execution by supporting and involving all stakeholders. Collect field data to inform adjustment decisions. Save time and delay on low-value tasks.

Without strategy, execution is aimless.
Without execution, strategy is useless.

Morris Chang Founder of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
Morris CHANG
Founder of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)

Plan the execution of your strategy

Link the strategy to its execution by supporting and involving all stakeholders.
Collect field data to inform adjustment decisions. Save time and delay on low-value tasks.

Transform your Strategy into Action Plans

Perf Monitor - Strategic Plan Deployment
Perf Monitor - Strategic Structure Plan

Roll out your strategic plans

Whether your Plans are structured hierarchically or transversely, Perf Monitor offers you matrix modelling. Combined with standard Plan and Action templates, you deploy the Strategy wherever it needs to be delivered. Perf Monitor models the grid of actions contributing to the objectives regardless of their linkage plan.

Turn your centralised plans into an action network.

Involve Plan Stakeholders

Moving from a centralised strategy to holding all stakeholders accountable, is the challenge of advanced rights management and the workflow engine. Perf Monitor allows very fine modelling of interaction rights and access management that ensures the confidentiality of information.

Turn your users into actors involved in your strategic plans.

Perf Monitor - Strategic Team Management
Perf Monitor KPI Management

Track Strategic Execution

Having reliable, real-time data is a critical point in monitoring the execution of your strategic plans. Perf Monitor incorporates a KPI generator to model the objectives, their progress and the projected vision. Reporting forms and campaign management collect quantitative and qualitative data from all stakeholders. The workflow engine allows you to define validation processes to convert data into reliable decision information.

Turn (tedious) reporting into a time to share results!

Leading governance

Inform your decisions with dashboards that summarise the data from the thousands of actions that make up your plans. Perf Monitor dynamically consolidates thousands of data into one simple piece of information: will you achieve your goals? Dashboard, action sheet, Plan review, Perf Monitor has a complete toolbox to animate the highlights of your Strategic Plans.

Turn your governance bodies into a control centre

Perf Monitor - Strategic Plan Governance

A comprehensive software package to align strategy, stakeholders and goals

plan logo


Structure strategy with plans to align actions with objectives

performance indicator logo


Model the indicators with the KPI editor to track achievement, outcome & impact

Action performance logo


Embody the operational level with actions to move to strategic execution

Campaign reporting icon


Structure strategy with plans to align actions with objectives

workflow icon


Designate your management processes in order to put under control the key steps (validation reporting, the life cycle of actions, etc.)

hierarchy icon organisation

Hierarchy & Metadata

Model your organisation, your business lines, and your territories, in order to explore your strategy in all dimensions.

action plan review icon

Plan Review

Facilitate your plan reviews in order to communicate, challenge, and align Plan stakeholders.

Rights management and confidentiality icon

Rights Management

Manage confidentiality and grant rights in a matrix manner. Empower all players in the strategy.

Perf Monitor also offers report libraries, action templates, and integration with your daily tools…

Setting up your platform with the VIP method©
Vision – Iteration – Persona

With the experience of hundreds of implementations, we have established a methodology specific to the challenges of strategic management platforms.

The VIP© method guarantees you an implementation that:

vision icon


Building a shared vision of the services provided by the tool, what it is (and what it is not).
This is the magnetic north of the project.

Iteration for the implementation of the strategic execution management platform icon


Configuration by iteration for progressive construction of your platform. From the first iteration, you have an operational tool.
These are the steps to more performance.

Persona for the implementation of the strategic execution management platform icon


Inventory and mapping of interactions between stakeholders in your strategy by Persona. For each Persona, we identify the expectations and the best way to meet them.
This is the casting of future users.

users icon

+ 50 K Users

podium icon

+ 20 years of recognised experience with managers and directors

customer reference icon

+ 250 Client References

Our clients are best placed to comment…

logo Engie 2016

Perf Monitor has taken us a big step forward in the deployment of our Performance Plan

Deputy Group Performance Directo
Ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé Pilotage Strategie

Perf Monitor has enabled us to pilot – in record time – the Contracts of Objectives and Means in all the Regional Health Agencies.

Responsable du Système d’Information des ARS – Ministère de la Santé


What is the price of Perf Monitor?

The price depends on the number of users, the integration services and the desired setting-up device. Our license rates are degressive. Each company is unique, and we offer you a “tailor-made” offer for each specific implementation.

How to train in the software?

The platform is intuitive and does not require formation for everyday usage. To secure deployment, we conduct train-the-trainer courses. For advanced uses, we offer a transfer of competence to functional administrators. We also place at the users’ disposal some tutorials and a knowledge base to help them in their uses.

What is a user?

A user nominates any person having a personal account to reach the Perf Monitor platform. The license is calculated according to the uses of the application (Administrator, Plan Manager, Action Pilot)

What is the difference between Project Monitor and Perf Monitor?

Project Monitor is our solution dedicated to project portfolio management. The objective is to optimise project implementation (prioritisation, budget, resources, deadlines). With Perf Monitor, the focus is on achieving goals by identifying and monitoring the contributions of actions. With Project Monitor, you manage the “how?” whereas with Perf Monitor you manage the “for what?”

Where are the data hosted?

The data is hosted in the private cloud of our partner OVH. The cloud services used by Perf Monitor are labelled “SecNum Cloud” by the ANSSI.

Who owns the data?

You have full ownership of the data. You can freely export them in .csv or .xlsx formats. And if you subscribe to the “Datamart” option, you can export the business database on request.