Perf Monitor, Software for managing strategic plans

The solution that secures and accelerates strategy implementation

  • Centralize all your strategic plans to optimize steering and managerial dialogue
  • Evaluate the progress of your strategic plans to inform decision-making and official communications
  • Ensure reliable data collection and calculation of your large-scale strategic indicators
  • Adjust your strategic plans according to internal or external contextual changes

PERF Monitor is the meeting point between strategic ambitions and operational actions

Perf Monitor home screen

Secure strategic execution

  • Centralize and model all your plans, no matter how complex, and control all stakeholder authorizations
  • Real-time visibility on the progress of your plans and execution forecasts
  • Put all processes for collecting, validating and calculating your performance indicators under control

Perf Monitor has enabled us to pilot - in record time - the Contracts of Objectives and Means in all the Regional Health Agencies..

Ministère des Solidarités et de la Santé Pilotage Strategie

ARS Information System Manager
Ministry of Health

Perf visuel Action follow up
Perf Visuel - Opex savings trend

Accelerating strategy implementation

  • Organize your reporting campaigns on your strategic plans for your governing bodies
  • Easily reconfigure all the fundamentals of your strategic plans (new organization, new indicator calculation rules, new objectives, transition between your plans, etc.).
  • Deploy the platform on a large scale to all stakeholders in your plans

With Perf Monitor, we collect and validate quarterly reports on +over 3,000 actions.
This data forms the basis for communications to the financial markets on progress of the three-year €600 million performance plan.

Engie -

Chief Group Performance Director

Communication and transparency on your strategic plans

  • Automatically generate your communication materials from your reporting data
  • Facilitate your information gathering through dashboards of your plans and actions
  • Easily audit key plan data
Visual Perf Monitor Indicator tracking
Visuals Perf Action plan

Managing your strategic plans

  • Manage your steering committees directly on the platform
  • Identify operational responsibilities at all levels of your plans
  • Facilitate managerial dialogue between each stakeholder in your strategic plans

+200 organizations and +30,000 users trust us for their projects and strategic plans

Engie Group Performance Plan - Lean
Alptis - Group Strategic Portfolio Management
Haute Garonne department strategic management
Métropole Nantes pilotage projet de mandat
Engie -

PERF Monitor has been an extremely
positive factor and a major step forward in the
deployment of our performance plans.

Didier Liautaud quoted Group Performance Director Engie
Senior Vice President, Group Performance

Comprehensive software to align strategy, stakeholders and objectives


Structure strategy with plans to align actions with objectives

strategic indicator icon kpi perf monitor


Model indicators with the KPI editor to track achievement, result & impact

perf monitor strategic action icon


Embody the operational level with actions to move to strategic execution

icon campaign reporting perf monitor


Structure strategy with plans to align actions with objectives

strategic workflow perf monitor icon


Designate your management processes in order to control the key stages (validation reporting, action life cycle, etc.)

strategic hierarchy icon perf monitor


Model your organization, your businesses, your territories, in order to explore your strategy from all dimensions

review icon strategic plan perf monitor

Plan magazine

Simplify your plan reviews in order to communicate, challenge and align the stakeholders of the plans

strategic right icon perf monitor


Manage confidentiality and grant rights on a matrix basis. Hold all stakeholders accountable

Perf Monitor also includes report libraries, action templates and integration with your daily tools...

Without strategy, execution is aimless.
Without execution, strategy is useless.

Morris CHANG
ounder of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC)
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