Performance and Finance Managers

Deploy and manage your performance plans

Move from strategy to execution! Deploy and manage your strategic and performance plans throughout your organization:

✔ Track contributions and progress towards financial and extra-financial targets in real time

✔ Deploy strategic objectives as steering indicators in all ramifications of the organization

✔ Secure data, validation processes, consolidation rules

Human resources has its HR IS, finance has its accounting IS, sales has its CRM, the business lines have their ERP...
And what about your General Management? How do they manage strategy execution?

How do you link strategy to your financial and non-financial KPIs?

How do you collect data for performance and sustainability indicators?
If the answer is Excel© files...
Then you have a huge performance lever to accelerate and secure strategy implementation!

With Perf Monitor, discover a new way to manage your company's action plans.

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Plan the execution of your strategy

Moving from strategic objectives to the actions needed to achieve them is what planning is all about.
Perf Monitor , structure your plans into strategic axes, operational objectives and actions.

Transform your Strategy into Performance Plans

Deploy your strategic plans

Whether your Plans are structured hierarchically or transversally, Perf Monitor offers you matrix modeling. Combined with standard Plan models and Action models, you can deploy Strategy wherever it needs to be executed. Perf Monitor models the mesh of actions contributing to objectives, whatever plan they are linked to.

Transform your centralized plans into a network of actions.

Involve Plan stakeholders

Move from a centralized strategy to empowering all stakeholders, with advanced rights management to simplify usage and guarantee confidentiality. Collection and validation processes are secure and transparent, thanks to the workflow engine. Perf Monitor enables fine-tuned modeling of interaction rights and access management to control deployments.

Turn your users into stakeholders in your strategic plans.

Track strategic execution and performance gains

Reliable, real-time data is critical to monitoring the execution of your strategic plans. Perf Monitor includes a KPI generator to model objectives, progress and projected vision. Reporting forms and campaign management collect quantitative and qualitative data from all stakeholders. The workflow engine lets you define validation processes to convert data into reliable decision-making information.

Turn (tedious) reporting into a time for sharing results!

Animate governance

Inform your decisions with dashboards that synthesize data from the thousands of actions that make up your plans. Perf Monitor dynamically consolidates the thousands of data points into one simple piece of information: are you going to achieve your objectives? With dashboards, action sheets and plan reviews, Perf Monitor offers a complete toolbox for animating the highlights of your strategic plans.

Transform your governance bodies into management centers

Perf Monitor improves performance and helps organizations grow

Engie logo 2016

Perf Monitor has been an extremely positive factor and a major step forward in the deployment of the Lean

Deputy Group Performance Director

To manage its various plans, the ENGIE group relies on a unique SaaS platform: PERF Monitor. The value of using it for ENGIE:

  • Perfect adaptation to the Group's complex organization and internal processes
  • Effective monitoring of quarterly closing campaigns and plan assessments
  • Data centralization to ensure security and traceability
  • Automated consolidation for real-time auditing of performance plans
  • Automatic benchmarking of performance levels between Group entities
  • A customizable, scalable 360° vision for decision-making at the appropriate levels

Comprehensive software to align strategy, stakeholders and objectives

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